"The lessons Ben taught me, I will carry on with me and cherish for a lifetime.  No monetary value can be placed on the knowledge and insight you guys instill on your riders. Thx a million!!! "

"After taking the level 2 skills training, I was instantly more confident in some of the skills gaps that I was struggling with. My energy level is more consistent, my balance around cornering has improved, my energy level when climbing is steady, my perspective of the trail is more confident."

"Coach Andy rocked it, we had a GREAT 3 days of learning, laughing, humbling, pedaling FUN!   Thanks again for a wonderful program taught by an exceptional instructor, his knowledge, understanding of the information and creative application, patience, dedication, individual critiques, and general upbeat positive attitude made the clinic priceless!! I look forward to applying what I learned."


"It's tough to say what was better - the fantastic company of supportive, badass women, the fantastic trails and views, or the coaching - which was the perfect combination of demonstration, practice, and one-on-one pointers."

"I learned so much. I conquered obstacles on the trails I never thought I could. "

"In addition to the equipment upgrade, I can’t believe how much your coaching has changed my riding.   Almost every feature was a “do” rather than a “do not”  (there were no tries, of course).   I really cannot thank you enough.  Thank you for your patience and great coaching.   The camp was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. "


"I just want to tell you how much I loved the clinic.  It gave me the confidence I never thought I would find in mountain biking. I also want to say that Andy and Heidi are a fantastic team.  I was really intimidated going into the clinic and I can't tell you how great it was to have Andy's knowledge and Heidi's compassion.  The first day seeing Heidi there made me feel like we had a woman who understood what it's like to be a woman staring to ride.  We had a low point in the clinic and she gave us all a great pep talk that I don't think could have come from a guy.  It was also just really great to see a husband and wife team coaching.  Many of us signed up because our husbands ride and it was a nice compliment to see a couple who rode together and had fun.  I'd highly recommend the clinic again if Heidi and Andy were the instructors."


"Thank you for creating what has been one of the best learning experiences of our lives.   Andy was a fantastic teacher with great personal skills. He has our highest commendation for creating a safe, exciting and fun environment for learning.  It is refreshing to find someone who understands their field well enough to be able to deconstruct difficult and often hard to pinpoint concepts. This is a rare talent."  


"Thank you so much for spending the morning with us!  We feel so much more confident and can’t wait to get back on the trails."